Policies & Management

It is the policy of our Company to:

  • conduct our business in a manner that ensures fair, equitable and non- discriminatory employment
  • work with our clients, consultants, subcontractors and authorities to efficiently achieve the required outcomes
  • ensure all works have been constructed in accordance with contract requirements
  • work in a safe and healthy manner
  • ensure environmental integrity is maintained

Our objectives are:

  • ‘make it right the first time’
  • have zero workplace accidents
  • maintain or improve the environmental integrity of the areas we work in
  • ensure our suppliers and subcontractors operate with the same objectives in mind
  • strive for continued improvement of quality of service

We achieve this by having a trained and committed workforce who know and understand the operation of our Integrated Management System and through regular meetings held with staff to discuss all aspects of our business. We have always maintained a strong commitment to workplace health and safety issues, recognising the paramount importance of ensuring a healthy, safe and accident free workplace for all our employees, contractors, and visitors.


Providing construction of the highest standard as an accredited member of the building commission.

Systems Certified Contractor

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